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Editorial Review

The Bosch Indego has been a favorite of robo-mowers nationwide ever since its 2013 debut on the shelves, receiving particular acclaim for both it's high safety rating and low price. The Inego recognizes nearby obstacles and it shuts off its blades in the event of contact. In fact, the original Indego is one of the best-selling robotic mowers online of all time. Users have widespread praise for the Indego, crediting largely its simple interface and quiet performance.

Much of the complimentary feedback has stemmed from the Indigo's lawn mapping system, which allows it to mow in learned and customizable patterns rather than a random swath. The tradeoff is a learning curve. The Indego often requires several trips around its new lawn to determine the best path. Some users have noted its weakness on steep hills. Others insist that it handles inclines and sharp angles as well as any model. But in all cases, the Indego is best suited for a lawn under 1000 square meters. This is a larger coverage area than the subsequent 800 model.

The Indego is Bosch's first foray into the robotic mower market. The German company has since added to its lineup with the Indego 800 and Indego 1000 Connect. The original model is still a common sight on many European lawns. Bosch and its home appliance subsidiary BSH Hausgeräte GmbH are among the largest manufacturers in Europe. To no surprise, it introduced itself to the robotic mower marketplace with a subdued and reliable product. In the years since the original Indego's release, Bosch has added more bells and whistles to its lineup. A veteran of the robotic mower scene might prefer to check out one of Bosch's updated models, like the Indego 1000 Connect.

Bosch Indego | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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The grass-cutting remained feeble. A pair of hand-operated toenail clippers might have achieved more.

Tom's Guide

When the robot gets distracted (e.g. it bumps into a tree), it changes its mind, leaves the problematic place and goes to another part of the garden.

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It apparently uses its charger as a beacon and navigation guide as it cuts the lawn, moving in straight lines where possible instead of a random pattern.

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The Bosch Indego is an electric, autonomous mower that can cut up to 10,700 square feet of grass with little supervision.

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The cut is as good as it gets. No better or worse than with a regular mower.

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