Bonex SubGravity Reference RS

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SubGravity Reference RS Specifications

28" x 12" x 12"
the subgravity reference rs weighs 42 pounds


Editorial Review

Humans are mobile creatures, and the realization of the wheel has spun us into spheres quite beyond the imagination of its pioneers. From its humble beginnings making heavy things more readily movable, it now rolls scientific equipment on the surfaces of other heavenly bodies. But beyond all the fine rolling it manifests, the shape of the wheel is evident in other modes of transport where rolling isn’t necessarily an option. The propeller is a wheel so stripped of unnecessary baggage that it can fly not just itself, but other things it is attached to. In addition to its abilities off the ground in the air, the propeller also works quite swimmingly off the ground in the water. Without a doubt, round is the proven shape for those who want to get around.

Propellers in water have traditionally been used to move numerous people over its surface in relative dryness. Over the last half century, they have proven handy in driving individuals under the water without a lot of kicking. From the popular maker of a wide variety of submarine propulsion vehicles, the Sea Doo VS Supercharged Plus weighs 18 lbs. and is depth rated to 100 feet. The 33-lb. Submerge Scooters Minnus has a 3-speed throttle and can run for up to 90 minutes. The compact Bonex Subgravity Aquaprop weighs a scant 15 lbs. and is depth rated for 90 meters.

The Bonex SubGravity Reference RS is bigger than the Aquaprop and provides additional benefits for the differential. The RS in its moniker is German for Rennsport, which means "racing sport" in English, though submarine racing has yet to catch on, likely in part because the spectators would drown. It is quite compact and maneuverable with some noteworthy specs. At moderate power, it will tow a laden diver around for upwards of 4.5 hours. With 74.2 lbs. of thrust, it shines in high-flow water and is excellent for hauling extra gear. The Reference RS has a speed of 280 feet a minute and a very serviceable range of 6.2 miles. At full power, it will run for 1.75 hours while at cruising speed of 150 feet a minute, it will furnish up to 4.33 hours of underwater hijinks.

Bonex SubGravity Reference RS | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I have been having a great time putting hours on my Reference RS... I was expecting a few "oh shit" silt moments, but none showed up. It was so nice...

Tom's Guide

It has issues with high heat when ran at full throttle for long periods... but it really is tough contender. It doesn't kick XK1's ass but it does give good fight.

Tom's Guide

It was small enough to be extremely maneuverable even at extreme speeds... it is a little too buoyant at depth... Bonex has done a heck of a good job with this...

Tom's Guide