Bobsweep Bobi Classic

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Bobi Classic Specifications

small bottom hand
released date


the bobi classic weighs 6.4 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter
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Editorial Review

For tidying up the floor in a small home between thorough cleanings, the Bobi Classic works fine. It offers enough battery life to sweep and mop a couple of small rooms, or to make quick work of vacuuming a small, uncluttered apartment. You can also add the mop attachment and set it loose on the hardwood floors in your living space. Of course, the Bobi Classic is more of a damp-mop than the full enchilada with water reservoir, so don't expect a thorough hands-free cleaning on one charge. But if you have less space to clean, you can turn the Classic bot loose to take care of business while you're out. Do check the bin first, though, because it's tiny.

If there's very much grime on the floors, you might come home to find the vacuum has run out of storage space about halfway through the job, but for touch-ups between thorough floor cleanings, the Bobi Classic is up to the task. Used as directed, it's great for spot cleaning, too. Select "waffle mode", and just let the vacuum pivot back and forth over a mess. Unless you plan to spend twice as much time cleaning up after the bot as having it clean for you, though, stick to having it clean up dry messes, and be careful using it around pets. Spilled milk and pet messes won't be improved by having the Bobi dutifully smear them around your floors.

Whatever you need to vacuum or mop, keep in mind three minor disadvantages to the Classic: First, it has a tiny dustbin, so you can’t necessarily expect it to finish a large area in one go. Secondly, you might find it being defeated by obstacles over a half-inch high. And finally, wild patterns on carpets may confuse it and make it freeze. If that becomes an issue, check the manual for a fix. For a more robust and capable robo-sweeper, try the iLife V3S, or for a multi-functional wet-dry floor cleaner, check out the Deebot M88.

Bobsweep Bobi Classic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It's picked up tons of dust and hair...I'm very happy with my purchase, and even happier with the fast response from customer service.

Tom's Guide

It's an excellent helper in maintaining the main floor. wished the mopping attachment allowed generic accessories like the swiffer

Tom's Guide

Never in my life I had a better carpet cleaner...much more than a basic vacuum cleaner as it deals with the task by itself, taking the cleaning process to a new level.

Tom's Guide

With just the push of a button bObi automatically glides across floors...Her unsparing suction power and trio of brushes whisk away dirt, leaving behind a spotless shine.

Tom's Guide

Now I have only had her a day, but in that day she did the entire house quieter, softer, more observant, more accurately and in faster time then my Roomba ever did.

Tom's Guide

With superb performance and support services, the bObsweep bObi has plenty to offer a homeowner that wants extra help keeping a house clean.

Tom's Guide