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The history of mountain biking in America dates way back to 1896, when the Buffalo Soldiers that Bob Marley crooned about rode from Missoula to Yellowstone on specially modified bicycles, built for the express purpose of cross-country traversal. It wouldn't be until 1978, when four men formed a company known as MountainBikes, that the first mountain bike was built in a manner resembling the mountain bikes of today: a lightweight, stiffer framed bike built with high-tech alloys. The sport-hobby hybrid that the biking industry once dismissed as a fad licked their wounds and played catch-up throughout the 90's, when it became apparent that their fad appraisal was far off base.

Specializing in the next link in the mountain bike evolutionary chain is a company called BM E-Bikes, who bill themselves as "Electric Mountain Bike Specialists". They aren't the only solution for the adventurous cyclist seeking a bit if motorized pedal assist, but they offer a range of options for a niche that may intensify in the specificity of its adherents' tastes.

The BM Shadow is the lowest cost option in the BM Lineup, and is subject to the quality losses one would expect from the pared-down model of the bunch. It's not, as the bikes built for the Buffalo Soldiers were, a "purpose-built" bike -- meaning that it was manufactured as a normal mountain bike and made electric sometime thereafter. This leads to a more cluttered wire scheme than typically found in bikes built expressly to be electric, especially when compared with the fully disguised motor systems seen in options like the Faraday Cortland. However, the Ford-esque color option (any color as long as its black) pulls together a cleaner aesthetic than the wires would make one expect, the off-road capability is well-documented as superb, the cost is appropriately low, and the well-secured battery keeps the most expensive part of your purchase from flying off in a digger.

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Sturdy reinforced battery bracket, in addition to using the standard braze-ons bmebikes also adds rivnuts which create more mounting points on the downtube for strength.

Tom's Guide

The BBS01 mid-drive motor does not offer shift sensing and may mash gears as a result.

Tom's Guide