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24 Zone Specifications

6.5" x 2" x 8.2"
released date


the 24 zone weighs 1 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
has usb
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Editorial Review

Automated sprinkler systems are all about the zones. The more zones a sprinkler controller can handle, the larger the yard (or farm) it can watch over and the more specifically it can be programmed to handle the needs of different groupings of vegetation. The Bluespray 24 Zone, as its name pretty much comes out and states, can handle 24 zones, making it suitable for large yards and small farms. But it's also expandable and with additional modules can deal with as many as 64 zones. This is a sprinkler controller that can handle some pretty serious agriculture.

Unlike most home sprinkler systems, the Bluespray can't be operated from a built-in front panel. It's strictly browser-based. That's good if you want convenience and don't want to trek out to the controller every time you want to set up a new watering pattern, not so good if your computer/mobile device/router acts up and you have to wait a few days for a replacement to arrive. The browser interface gives you an overhead view of your property taken from Google Maps overlaid with a visual representation of the irrigation zones. You can attach a rain sensor (not included) to the system, so that it won't water after a storm, as well as a flow sensor that can detect leaks. The Bluespray will even detect an open garage door and close it if necessary.

All of this may be overkill if you have a small yard and no farm. If you don't need the power and capacity of a sprinkler controller like the Bluespray, you might want to look at a relatively simple system like the Asante Irrigation Controller or the somewhat more powerful Blossom 12 Zone Smart Watering Controller. Not everybody needs to water 24 to 64 zones.

Bluespray 24 Zone | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Programming is a breeze. I have 19 zones and it takes under a minute to program.

Tom's Guide

The controller worked as expected. I had some trouble connecting it in the beginning but with technical help I was able to get to work.

Tom's Guide

The BlueSpray has no front panel. No display. No knobs. Everything is accessed via Wi-Fi and a web browser.

Tom's Guide