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16 Zone Specifications

6.5" x 2" x 8.2"
released date


the 16 zone weighs 1 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
has usb
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Editorial Review

Automated sprinkler systems are measured as much by the number of zones they cover as by any other metric of quality. If you have a large enough yard, and enough demand for irrigation in your multiple flower beds and orange groves, you don't want the hassle of having to buy additional sprinkler systems to cover every thirsty patch of soil or the additional hassle of trying to control them from multiple switchboxes or smartphone apps. You want it in one flowing chain of liquid reliability, with every zone humming in whatever pattern is best for the vegetation that's growing there. That's why the Bluespray 16 Zone, like so many other robotic sprinklers, tells you right in its name how many you'll get and 16 isn't a bad number in this product category. Just the name tells you that it's going to be better than the Toro EC-Xtra 8 Zone, at least in terms of coverage. In fact, the Bluespray is expandable to 64 zones, though those extra zones come at extra cost. You can also add a rain sensor and a flow sensor, though the automated features can alter watering patterns based on NOAA weather forecasts, so the rain sensor is only useful if the cloud is right over your neighborhood.

The Bluespray comes with built-in WiFi, so you can control all the zones from your mobile device or from your computer, saving you the effort of actually going out into the yard that you're meticulously taking care of. You can even use it to open your garage door, perhaps in case the oil stains need to be sprinkled away. It supports multiple master valves and keeps a detailed system log so you can keep track of your water usage and vary it accordingly. It adjusts its schedules automatically by season, so you won't be watering too much during the rainy season or underwatering when there tends to be a drought. For another automated sprinkler system with the same number of zones, take a look at the Rainmachine Touch HD-16. Or if your yard is a bit smaller, try scaling down to the Hydrawise 12 Zone.

Bluespray 16 Zone | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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My blue spray is performing as I expected. I replaced four old controllers with two 16 station blue sprays. Installation went smoothly.

Tom's Guide

I really like this product and the ability to monitor my underground sprinklers remotely.

Tom's Guide

Setup with tablet in another half hour! Super happy with product and see they are working on importing water restrictions into firmware which will be great for my area!

Tom's Guide

This unit worked perfectly and was configured correctly after following the included directions. I recommend using a laptop running Windows 7 with its own wireless node.

Tom's Guide

I think this is a great irrigation controller. I love the ability to be able to change programs and run times on the fly.

Tom's Guide

You won't have any problem if wireless router is near and in Range.Mine is 40 feet from Bluespray. I use tablet and iphone.

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