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Blade 350 QX3

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350 QX3 Specifications

the 350 qx3 weighs 2.1 pounds


maximum flight time

15 min

video camera included
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number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
has wifi
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Editorial Review

There is a curious correlation between the tool and the toy. While the tool possesses virtue in that it makes work if not easier, at least more efficient, it is rarely touted as a source of fun. The toy is where one goes for that. Traditionally the fun commences once the tools are put away. With the introduction of the UAV camera-ship, work and fun appear to have become employed by the same concern. And as this appears to be a growing concern, there are a growing number of camera-ships.

The bar is continually raised as each manufacturer strives to top their predecessors' achievement, or at least ape it well enough to command attention. The bar for camera-ships is made particularly lofty by offerings such as the Phantom 3 Professional by DJI, which set the standard. Walkera, not to be outdone, floated the Walkera QR X900 as an impressive rejoinder, a potent multi-copter carrying a payload. Yuneec followed suit with their worthy Yuneec Typhoon Q500+.

With the 350 QX3, Blade enters the arena ready-to-fly. Well packaged in the box, everything is included -- it even comes with controller batteries. User friendliness suffers a bit with such excesses as a 3-piece battery charger, along with 3 different forms of documentation. The first of the documents is a Quick-Start guide with assembly, pre-flight and the majority of in-flight instructions. The second offers an LED interpretation key, alerting the operator of status updates and error codes. An additional full online user manual exists as well and is valuable in learning the intricacies of the QX3. Flying in the airspace of the above noted UAVs, Blade’s 350 QX3 swoops in well below them on the price range, though it is by no means inexpensive. The camera's 3-axis gimbal provides very smooth footage but the video quality is okay, not great. The controller is configured well with a Smartphone mount for FPV flight, and the QX3 is responsive and fun to fly. But it is unforgiving to crash, so those instructions are best well heeded.

Blade 350 QX3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

350 QX3 Reviews From Around The Web


Really great quadcopter! Would I recommend it to someone new? Yes I would! Its very easy to fly this one with little to no hassles getting it out of the box and up in the air!

Tom's Guide

Awesome quad with a quality camera. You will not find a better aerial photography package for under $3000. Much better than phantom.

Tom's Guide

Took my first flight and already had issues with the control response. I believe both battery and charger are defective.

Tom's Guide

The Blade 350 QX3 has a lot to offer and seems to be worth the price tag. A high quality camera that provides smooth steady image quality is a photographers dream...

Tom's Guide

I opened my Blade 350 QX3 and wondered what had I gotten my self into! But to my surprise this thing is so easy to fly it is unbelievable and the videos are just incredible!

Tom's Guide

350 QX3 has all the needed features for great aerial video and photography, the only thing it lacks is a bit of flight time. Around 10 to 15 minutes is good but not amazing.

Tom's Guide