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IB835 Specifications

27.6" x 15.8" x 21.1"
released date


the ib835 weighs 90 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
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Editorial Review

Biobidet has a large line of automated toilets and toilet seats on the market, so while they might not have the nearly four decades of experience in the robotic bidet sector as toilet kings Toto Ltd. does, they can be trusted to deliver sturdy and effective products. The Biobidet IB835 toilet doesn't have the super-powerful, super-efficient Cyclone flush function of Toto models like the Toto Neorest 600, but buying one will be a lot easier on your wallet. It's basically a robotic bidet seat on top of a standard, if attractive, low-boy toilet. The lid is slow-closing, so no more unexpected slams of the middle of the night. The toilet and bidet seat are controlled through a backlit LCD touch-screen remote (Biobidet calls it a "first of its kind") that triggers the cleansing spray of water from the magical moving wand inside, starts the drying cycle after you've removed leftover waste from you body parts and flushes the toilet to boot. No one can accuse Biobidet of not knowing what high-tech users want in their bathroom facilities.

The remote also controls water intensity and switches between the front and back nozzles on the wand, assuming that you want to use both. (Men may prefer to stick with the back nozzle.) There's a massage function with "bubble infusion" if you want to simulate a champagne shower on your private parts. Biobidet claims the IB835 is DIY and only requires a Phillips screwdriver, drill with 3/8 inches bit, and an adjustable wrench to put together, but you'd better be comfortable with working with plumbing if you don't want leaky results or a flooded bathroom while you're still getting it hooked up. The unit is energy-saving, for environmentally conscious users, and also saves on toilet paper so you'll rescue a few trees over the first year of use.

Aren't sure this is the fantasy toilet of your dreams? Take a look at some of the competition, which includes the DXV AT200, the Roca In-Wash Meridian and the king of all automated thrones, the wonderful, wizardly Toto Neorest 750H.

Biobidet IB835 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The bidet and toilet work really well together...The wash functions work exactly as described.

Tom's Guide

I really enjoy the heated seat. The remote is mounted above the toilet paper holder and is easy to use. It does take a little learning curve if you aren't used to it.

Tom's Guide

Installation was surprisingly straight forward...looks really good in over all and works well too...Cleaning feature is highly effective as well.

Tom's Guide