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the dib weighs 15.6 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

The Bio Bidet DIB is one of the premier bidet seat options currently available, with features that rival even those of the best full bidet-equipped toilets. A long trusted brand with many offerings of varying quality and price, Bio Bidet manages another strong product with the DIB, providing nearly unparalleled levels of cleanliness and comfort in your lavatory.

Unsurprisingly, the Bio Bidet DIB's core functionality of spraying your exit point is accomplished with the accoutrements typical to toilet seat bidets — namely, variable water temperature and pressure. It also comes with virtually every luxury addendum one could consider including in such a product. This includes warm air drying for your recently cleaned rump, power-saving economy modes, heated seating, massage and feminine wash settings, and more.

The Bio Bidet DIB is certainly one of the higher-end bidet seats available, but it may not be exactly what you need. If you'd prefer an integrated toilet with your bidet, see here; for something even more high-end, see here, and see here if your budgetary requirements trend in the other direction.

Biobidet DIB | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

DIB Reviews From Around The Web


Installation was easy and took less than half an hour...The bad is that the remote doesn't properly communicate with the bidet.

Tom's Guide

You get the option of front, back and a setting they call Vortex Wash...controls are easy to use...everything is adjustable, temp, pressure, fan, odor control etc.

Tom's Guide

The lid does not sit on the toilet seamlessly. It has a gap...too complicated to configure the bidet using the remote...air dryer does not give strong or warm enough air.

Tom's Guide

The quality was excellent. The wide spray pattern is fantastic and makes you feel "clean". The remote is a bit slippery and took a bit to learn...The fan is quiet

Tom's Guide

Very easy to install and has many features...has two preset buttons so that two people can set what they also stays warm.

Tom's Guide