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the a7 aura weighs 10.1 pounds


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Editorial Review

Algonquin, Illinois, company Biobidet has enough automated toilets and add-on toilet seats to make them serious competition for Japanese toilet wizards Toto Ltd., at least when it comes to bidet features. Their A7 Aura is a reasonably priced heated replacement for your existing toilet seat that has all of the standard bidet features that have made their way out of France by way of Japan and now are finally starting to catch on in the western hemisphere. There are stainless steel, self-cleaning nozzles to wash your backside and, if you're of the female persuasion, front side, removing the need for toilet paper as well as that quick shower you might have been planning for extra cleanliness. The seat closes with a slow whimper, not a bang. All of this is controlled through a remote, which causes the toilet to beep when you push the buttons (or just sit on the seat). Thankfully this feature can be turned off, because a beeping toilet could easily become more annoying than a leaky one.

The water can pulsate and oscillate on its way to your private parts, a feature that Biobidet recommends for constipation relief. At 23 by 21 inches, the Aura is designed to fit on an elongated toilet seat, so if your bowl is round, it might stick out a bit in the front. But most toilet seats seem to be elongated at approximately that ratio, so this likely won't be an issue. If you don't want to use the remote, there's a side panel with buttons and LEDs, which controls and monitors most of the things the remote controls, with programmable presets for two different uses who may have different preferences in where and how they want to be cleaned -- a male and a female user, say.

The world of toilets is large and you have plenty of other choices in automated toilets/seats, both from Biobidet itself and several competitors. Buyers with more money than they know how to spend might want to perform a serious enema on their bank accounts for the ultra-luxurious Toto Neorest 750H, which is a full toilet that, if purchased new, has a nearly 10K price tag. Or you could get Biobidet's own BB-1000 toilet seat.

Biobidet A7 Aura | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Works incredibly well, and is saving me lots of money on toilet paper...with this model you have so many control for your preferences.

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