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E-300A Specifications

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the e-300a weighs 10.2 pounds


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Editorial Review

Bidet attachments are part of a saturated market in bathroom robotics. Some come from established bathroom companies like Kohler, who makes the C3-200 in addition to its full-service toilets. Then there are companies like Biobidet that only make the bidet attachments. In that field, the BB series has been successful from the 400 to the 600 to the 800.

From Arcadia, California comes another exclusive bidet manufacturer. Bidet4me released the E-300A in 2013 to stellar feedback. It's a comprehensive device that looks more old-fashioned than its competitors. But it delivers admirable performance.

The E-300A is customizable by age, gender, water pressure, and nozzle position. It's not flashy, but this is a sturdy and dependable bidet.

Bidet4me E-300A | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

E-300A Reviews From Around The Web


Comes with everything needed for hookup. They provided every part for. The unit works great. It adjusts to every situation. I'm 210 pounds and it feels very sturdy.

Tom's Guide

Gives my place a luxurious look. I got pleasure from comfort and superior cleansing...I can easily control the temperature and pressure of the water whenever I need.

Tom's Guide

It has been a welcome, refreshing luxury, now turned necessity. My husband and I both have been enjoying it and feeling more clean and refreshed than ever.

Tom's Guide

This is an excellent bidet and heated toilet seat and it replicates the experience I had while in Tokyo. It's very gentle on the rump, and it was very easy to install.

Tom's Guide