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BiBo2 Touch X Specifications

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the bibo2 touch x weighs 28.7 pounds


has wifi
has usb
Upc n
419221  594274
build volume
8.4" x 7.3" x 6.3"

Editorial Review

Bibo has thus far produced two iterations of two highly similar lines of 3D printers; this, the Bibo 2 Touch-X is of the second generation, like its counterpart the Touch X Laser only without the engraver. Additionally optional for this model is the capacity for WiFi control, but no matter the addenda chosen, the Bibo 2 Touch X presents purchasers with a fairly capacious FDM printer with an interesting style and a decent price.

The Bibo 2 model breaks from the market-favored Prusa Mendel build and its many offshoots and variants, with some of Bibo's marketing material directly contrasting the two builds. Rather than the extruder moving up and down the Z-axis, the whole build platform, heated and glass-covered, does the job; Bibo claims this adds stability to the print. The direct drive extruder is another difference between the two basic styles—whereas the Prusa's extruder pulls filament from a spool apart from its build, the spool is built right into the Touch X extruder. The metal build frame, adorned with simple, elegant white, rounds out the emphasis on a stable print that embodies the Touch X architecture.

The progress of 3D printing, investment disappointment notwithstanding, continues in disjointed but significant ways across industries. True, the lamentations of professionals who have witnessed the over-hyped proclamations of "plug and play" capabilities have considerable merit, but advancements such as bioprinting organs and concrete-printing housing clearly demonstrate the considerable long-term potential of autonomous manufacturing machines.

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Quite impressive, only made use of the single nozzle...I wouldn't call this a completed unit, it still requires assembly.

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