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EC-06C Specifications

Dim xl
the ec-06c weighs 220 pounds


Upc n
761675  420967

Editorial Review

The BestMassage EC-06C may not give you the best massage compared to other automated massage chairs, but it will give you a good one for a relatively low price, so it may well give you the best massage that your budget will allow. Be warned that it weighs 250 pounds and the delivery people aren't likely to carry it into your house for you, so be prepared to do some heavy lifting to get it set up or round up some muscular neighbors to pitch in. But once you've got it set up, the chair has a Recovery Program to help your sore muscles stop aching.

The BestMassage has a pair of rollers that will run up and down your back, soothing those deltoids you used to carry the box. There's heat therapy not only for your back but for your feet, which will probably be aching too. There are airbags to squeeze the pain out of your buttocks, legs and feet. And an arm massage for the part of your body that feels most responsible for all that lifting. The chair performs tapping, kneading, knocking and shiatsu massage, all controlled from the remote that's conveniently positioned on a holder roughly where your right hand will be, so you don't have to do any more lifting in order to reach it.

The chair leans back, though it doesn't have a zero-gravity position, and if you find that you're too tall to fit, the leg rest is extensible. (It will also retract, if you find that it's too long for you.) The rollers target tsubo points on your neck, which are especially sensitive regions of skin used in acupuncture and heat therapy. If all of this comfort and relief gets to be too much, there's an emergency stop button on the remote that you can use to turn the chair off all at once, assuming you aren't so relaxed you can't reach it. Even once you've recovered from lifting the box to carry the chair inside, all of these features should still feel pretty good.

And if you aren't convinced, look at the similarly priced Human Touch iJoy-2580 and the Real Relax Favor-01.

BestMassage EC-06C | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

EC-06C Reviews From Around The Web


Overall the chair is very comfortable and provides good massage... Massage rollers can press a bit hard on lower back. Overall value is excellent. I highly recommend.

Tom's Guide

I have wished for a chair like this for about 10 years... Love it. Air bags are extremely strong in legs and arms. Custom controls are best, good value!

Tom's Guide

I am speechless. The best investment for stress, pain and comfort...Oh my chair has a heat function and comfort levels. Great instructions and diagram.

Tom's Guide

I love this chair! It was easy to assemble and the control panel wasn't difficult to figure out... I love that you can change the intensity, massage certain body parts.

Tom's Guide