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BR-300 Specifications

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the br-300 weighs 13.8 pounds


Editorial Review

The Beir BR-300 robotic toilet seat has a low-to-mid-range price and gets good reviews on the Internet. There. That's all you need to know about it. But you probably want some actual details about what it does. So here we go.

The Beir BR-300, like all bidet toilet seats, replaces the seat on your existing toilet. It has a stylish, downswept design, reminiscent of similar models from Toto Ltd., the inventors of the bidet seat concept (and also reminiscent of some of their imitators). It has three nozzles on its internal wand, one for women, one for both sexes and one for Turbo, which handles especially difficult situations, including constipation (though Beir doesn't advertise this as one of its uses). The stream of water is filled with bubbles, which should help with the cleansing, and the water can be made to oscillate, which should once again help with constipation. Or maybe you just want to sit on this miniature water park for fun. Seriously, nobody's going to judge you for what you do in the privacy of your own bathroom.

The seat is heated and includes a warm air dryer, which the company claims will eliminate the need for toilet paper. (Your results may vary, so you might want to keep a roll handy just in case.) The controls are on a side panel, which can be operated from the seat. You'll need to plug the seat into your electrical supply and the cord is only three feet long, so an extension cord may be necessary, depending on where the outlets in your bathroom are. The seat has a slow-close feature, so goodbye to sudden slams in the night. Beir advertises their nozzles as having five different power settings and directional controls, so no matter how your body parts are arranged you should get a solid shot.

Competition in the automated bidet seat market is fast and furious, so there are plenty of competing seats to shop around for. If you want to see how much you'd be saving by buying the BR-300, take a look at the Biobidet Bliss BB-2000 or the Toto S350E washlet.

Beir BR-300 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The preheated seat is great on cold winter mornings.The drying feature works pretty well, but I still needed a little tissue for a completely dry feeling.

Tom's Guide

It feels really sturdy and comfortable to sit on. This bidet is above the toilet bowl rim so cleaning is not impacted. The air drying feature is surprisingly useful.

Tom's Guide