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Sigma Specifications

18.3" x 17.3" x 26.8"
the sigma weighs 38 pounds


has usb
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Editorial Review

The field of 3D printing is an intriguing study in how the Internet can democratize emergent tech markets - though, given the secretive and opaque nature of cutting-edge research, there does exist a limit on this newfound democratic potential at present.

Over the course of stereolithography's existence as a patented technology, 3D printing was never considered applicable to the consumer realm, its applications most readily lent to engineering prototypes at a more rapid pace. When several key patents expired in the early 2000s, the storied Reprap movement emerged as a loose collective of hackers who stumbled upon the fact that, with a little tender love and care, they could whip up a physical prototype, whatever they think of, right in their garage. For those with the technical chops to get a 3D printer up and running, the Reprap movement served a fascinating new creative diversion.

This novel movement sparked grander ambitions in the hearts of many an aspiring technologist. From Makerbot to Ultimaker to Lulzbot, it's staggering how many consumer 3D printer companies directly spawned from the Reprap movement. The result was a kind of fantastic experiment in free market capitalism: with high level technology and information freely exchanged via Reprap, the competitive advantage conferred by R&D was largely eroded for this emergent market. Competitors were legion, spawning seemingly weekly with nearly homogeneous products. The swell of producers drove a swell of mania, as hype around the industry drove tech prospectors delirious with excitement.

Now, out of the rubble, emerges true market opportunity. With opportunists prone to mimicry scared off by the bubble deflation, the remaining and emerging competitors of the past two years have been of somewhat of a higher caliber. This can certainly be extended to the Bcn3D Sigma.

The Sigma solves a real problem espoused by printers with dual-headed printers. Many such printers affix the dual headed extrusion piece to a single cartridge, causing undue strain on the mechanism keeping the active, bulky extruder in place. With the simple ingenuity capable only with a company who knows their customer, Bcn3D has split the heads, with each extruder in its own cartridge. Other features reinforce this end user familiarity, like the easily removed heat bed (held by magnets) and easy 6 step setup.

BCN3D Sigma | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Printer so far has been amazing! The quality of the prints are the highest I have seen.

Tom's Guide

If you are looking for a dual extruder 3D Printer, the Sigma is the best choice. Anyway it beats almost all the "out of the box" single extruder printer that I've ever seen.

Tom's Guide

Works exceedingly well as a single extrusion FFF machine, providing quality prints that are frankly spectacular. The build space is generous, the operation is simple...

Tom's Guide

Probably the best 3D Printer in 2015, as you can use the dual extruder without any problem, and you can print almost all the materials in the market.

Tom's Guide