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22" x 1.1" x 0.9"
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the beoplay h5 weighs 0 pounds


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has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

Running is an intense, sweaty activity. And while a runner's high, that moment when you feel like your body is going to leave the ground and soar off happily into the treetops, is one of the greatest ways to biochemically enhance your brain without getting you arrested, a long run can get a little boring without something to listen to -- a podcast on stock market tips, say, or the 3,047th volume of Bob Dylan's bootleg tapes.

That's why runners like to carry a lightweight MP3 player tucked in their waistbands, packed with gigabytes of listening material, but listening to that material can sometimes be problematic. Nobody wants to run with a heavy pair of headphones bouncing on top of their skulls and the cords that connect a pair of earbuds to the player can easily become entangled in the scenery. A Bluetooth connection to eliminate the cords would be ideal, if anybody made Bluetooth earbuds.

It turns out that several companies do, including Bang and Olufsen. The Danish electronics megacorp has introduced the Beoplay H5, a pair of earbuds linked by a braided cable designed very specifically with runners in mind. The polymer cable is waterproof, to keep sweat from shorting out the wiring, and when the buds are no longer in your ears they can be linked together magnetically to create a surprisingly attractive piece of neckwear. The Beoplay is battery powered and comes with a small recharging cube that can keep them running as long as you can, assuming that you can keep running for five hours. (That should get you through a marathon or two.) You can also use your mobile device as a graphic equalizer to set the sound profile for the tiny speakers.

For an alternative pair of Bluetooth earbuds, take a look at the Bragi Dash.

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The headphones are nice and light. You don't notice them much...The general build quality is pretty nice and seem like it will be durable...The braided cord seems nice.

Tom's Guide

Each have an inbuilt magnet...magnets also connect the earphones to the cubic charger that comes included with them.

Tom's Guide

The housing of the earphones themselves is made from textured rubber and plastic...they're built to stop moisture getting to the delicate internals.

Tom's Guide

The travel and charging situation isn't very good, but the sound, size and design of the earphones might just be the best.

Tom's Guide

Instead of a fiddly button, the Beoplay H5 earphones snap together with tiny magnets, which automatically shuts down the power.

Tom's Guide

The H5 can play high-resolution files and also supports the aptX codec that promises "CD-like quality" sound.

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