AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen

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3D Drawing Pen Specifications

6.2" x 1" x 1.6"
the 3d drawing pen weighs 0.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

3D printers are so 2015. Yes, they're a brilliant technological breakthrough, allowing engineers and designers to create a stunning variety of objects out of raw materials using little more than imagination and technical know-how. In fact, they may well be the greatest invention since desktop computers. Or the Internet.

But what if you have an artistic impulse that's stronger than your technical know-how and want to create three-dimensional objects on the fly, without fiddling around with 3D printer software? What if you feel inspired and want to use an old-fashioned tool -- a pen, say -- to create 3D sculptures based on pure, spur-of-the-moment inspiration? Better still, what if you have a child with a creative bent that you want to encourage while also allowing that child to work with tools on the cutting edge of artistic technology?

Enter the 3D pen. The AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen extrudes a fast-drying polymer as you move it through three-dimensional space, so that artists with varying degrees of skill can literally draw on air. No one would accuse the AtmosFlare of being a precision instrument, but for spontaneous, joyful artistic expression it has 3D printers solidly beat (no pun intended). It's essentially a toy, yes, but a toy that can be used for the sheer pleasure of creating wireframe objects in space much the way artists have traditionally created sketches on paper. Will great works of art ever emerge from the tip of an AtmosFlare pen? Who knows? But for young artists from the age of 8 up the AtmosFlare offers an inexpensive outlet for their creative impulses that's not quite like any that's been available in the past.

Will 3D pens like the AtmosFlare (you may also want to check out the YaYa3D V1.5) ever replace 3D printers as commercial manufacturing tools? Not likely. But for artists young and old who want to extend their talents into the third dimension, they offer a delightful alternative.

AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The AtmosFlare 3D pen literally adds another dimension to your family’s creativity. Any one can draw something original if you hand them a piece of paper and pencil.

Tom's Guide

We very much enjoyed using our AtmoseFlare drawing pen. There are good resources that I highly recommend using at the website to help you learn to better use your pen.

Tom's Guide

The AtmosFlare 3D Pen is definitely different than things we are used to. It offers a tangible object when you're finished drawing which is awesome for the kids.

Tom's Guide