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Buddy Specifications

16.9" x 20.5" x 20.5"
the buddy weighs 22.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

Desktop 3D printers arrive in various forms for various customers; for the aspiring professional with some cash to burn, the inimitable Formlabs Form 2 is a sure winner, while the dedicated tinkerers looking to advance their 3D printing skills on both the hardware and 3D design ends will look to something like the Lulzbot Taz 6 to satisfy their needs. Both of those products are top tier options for those of deep pockets, however; the lower price end of the 3D printing market is split between build-your-own-kits and bare-bones ready to print machines of variable quality. The Athorbot Buddy better matches the latter description, but its suite of key features, large printing area, and open design make it an excellent starter printer for those intimidated by a full kit.

The real key to the Athorbot Buddy being ideal for the (relatively) mechanically-inexperienced beginner is the auto-bed leveling function, a feature often unseen on printers of this value. The feature is accessed from the simple LCD interface, from which all key controls are found as well. The open design can result in a print quality loss as compared with a closed design, but also makes it easier for newbies to understand what's going on when a print fails. The print bed is heated, the maximum resolution is a respectable 100 microns, a wide range of filaments are supported—all of these elements make a good case for the Athorbot Buddy being something akin to a discount version of a Lulzbot Taz.

Another surprising statistic advertised by the Athorbot team is the maximum print speed of 200 millimeters per second. A highly respectable speed even before considering the price, it is indicative of the steady progress this field of technology has shown. The furthest advancements in 3D printing speed are exemplified by industrial beasts like the Massivit 1800, which, with its two print head each printing 1000 millimeters per second, is able to claim twice that as its maximum print speed.

Athorbot Buddy | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Been using this great little 3D printer since April and I cant praise it enough. Set up and calibration is quick and easy and we have only re calibrated once...

Tom's Guide

When I got this 3D printer and used it for days, I have to say that this product is worth of its price. Useful guidance for newbie, supports for many type of formats.

Tom's Guide