Arris X-Speed 250B

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X-Speed 250B Specifications

9.4" x 7.9" x 2.6"
the x-speed 250b weighs 0.9 pounds


maximum flight time

10 min

video camera included
Arrow left
Arrow right
number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
battery life


Upc n
796201  577624

Editorial Review

The Arris X-Speed 250B is a ready-to-fly quadcopter geared towards pilots seeking their start in the burgeoning world of drone racing. Like the Eachine Racers and the TBS Vendetta, the Arris X-Speed is a compact, carbon fiber quad fitted with motors powerful enough to race with. Also like the other RTF racers, the X-Speed is easy enough to take apart and mod as your racing skills grow.

For whatever reason, Arris neglected to advertise a top speed for the standard version of the X-Speed 250B; perhaps this is due to the tendency for pilots to mod their aircrafts, or perhaps they just don't have a radar gun. In any case, the stock Arris S2205 2300Kv motors run fast enough to produce some serious thrust, so one can imagine this to be quite fast—something you can at least anecdotally confirm on YouTube. The X-Speed's four millimeter thick arms are double-plated, protecting the integral limbs right where high impacts would be most likely to cause damage. The flight time of ten minutes might seem a little underwhelming, but is actually fairly decent for a racer, and is twice the time of the heralded TBS Vendetta—though, as Arris notes in a moment of half-honesty, that is the time recorded when the drone is just hovering that entire duration.

The Arris X-Speed 250B and drones like it are excellent ways into the highly technical world of drone racing. New entrants to the activity may find themselves quickly overwhelmed by all of the technical jargon and mechanical concepts, but by first developing a love for the act of flying, pilots can gain the motivation needed to plow through complex information and understand these technologies at deeper, more meaningful levels.

Arris X-Speed 250B | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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This drone worked great for about one flight then just stopped working...Over all I wish the drone would have worked, its a nice drone, but just not good quality.

Tom's Guide

Nice carbon fiber parts, arms are nice and rigid, and the layout of this quad is just impeccable. Really nice racer definitely one to look out for on the tracks.

Tom's Guide

Well I had to guess a few things as the manual is not that complete about wiring...the camera is not the one shown in the pictures, so I had to modify a connector.

Tom's Guide

This quad is so smooth and so fast...Great deal and the transmitter is very solid with good feel on the gimbals.

Tom's Guide

It was fully calibrated and flew wonderfully right out of the box. And it seems to have tons of power.

Tom's Guide

Fast, tuned well and very snappy. Sure it needs some work in clean/beta flight but this guy is quick and fun.

Tom's Guide