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In the days before electronic gadgets became common household features, people who wanted to fill a room with a pleasant aroma would light a scented candle or burn a stick of intense to release aromatic smoke. If you aren't partial to smoke, aromatic or otherwise, and don't want to take the chance of accidentally setting your house on fire, it's your good fortune to live in an era when modern electronics can create appealing odors for you, brightening your mood or just getting rid of the acrid smell left behind by the steak you overcooked at dinner time. The Aromyst Ultrasonic Glass oil diffuser lets you combine water and some essential oils (available in a wide variety of scents at your local knick-knack store or on to not only fill a room with a relaxing aroma but to humidify it as well. No more worrying that the candle flame will set fire to your drapery if you don't extinguish it before you go to sleep.

The design of the Aromyst is supposedly inspired by the torch ginger flower found in the South Pacific. Be that as it may, the unit has an attractive, vase-like design with clean lines made largely of glass, so that it blends neatly into your room decor as it releases an aromatic mist from the opening at its top. It runs on 90 milliters of water (which provide the humidification) and seven to ten drops of essential oil (which provide the aroma). Like most oil diffusers, it can be set to release a continuous aroma or an intermittent one, running for more than four hours in the former mode and more than eight in the latter. When it's done, it switches off automatically to save energy.

Similar essential oil diffusers on the market include the Homedics Ellia line, which includes the Ellia Gather and the Ellia Rise, as well as the Pilgrim Sofia Waterless, the SpaRoom AromaMist and the Smiley Daisy Gardenia.

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I highly recommend this Aromyst Glass Diffuser. It is very good-looking. The exterior is made of quality (heavy) opaque, glass in a neutral but decorative "cut" pattern...

Tom's Guide

This specific diffuser shuts off after about 3 hours. I will definitely be more careful next time I am repurchasing an item. For $60, I am very dissatisfied.

Tom's Guide