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Food Dispenser Specifications

11.8" x 9.7" x 15"
the food dispenser weighs 4.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

Just as with people, pets are driven by their stomachs -- a well-fed person is a happy person, and so it goes with their animals. However, too much well-fedness equals obesity, which leads to unhappiness in both pets and their people. This is where automatic pet feeders shine. Not only do they give pet owners peace of mind in knowing that their animal roommates will be fed on time, they aren't likely to give in to the demands of "More kibble, please" by plaintive meow-ers and barkers. Robots are notorious for their lack of manipulability.

The Arf Pets Food Dispenser has a cute name and utilitarian appearance. It's not tubular, like the Petwatch PW SA, but it does possess a repurposed waste receptacle look similar to the Petreat PetPal WiFi and the more colorful Lusmo. Owing to its physical design, it could be mistaken for a paper shredder. This robofeeder can be customized to dispense 1 to 10 dry portions per meal, with each portion at 24 milliliters, up to 4 times a day. Granted, these portions sound small, but how else can you get your cat or dog to lose weight without them taking it personally? Leave it to the bot.

To get them acclimated to the feeder, you can record a personalized meal call of up to 10 seconds. There are distribution alarms, an LCD with adjustable settings, and a magnetic locking lid. The Arf Pets' ABS body has a 1.14-gallon capacity. The food bin is removable as is the bowl, and the whole unit is easily cleaned. It runs on 3 D batteries or a power cable, which is included, and the 4-volt motor should last for approximately 2000 hours. The package comes with a "dream gift" for your pet -- could it be a mouse for the cat or maybe a cat for the dog? There's only one way to find out.

Arf Pets Food Dispenser | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Solved my feeding problem...This feeder is perfect and is making my life easier. My cat is really enjoying getting fed on a daily schedule also.

Tom's Guide

It did not jam however the food stayed bunched up where it was being dispensed, instead of spreading out into the bowl.

Tom's Guide