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CJ8015 Specifications

small bottom hand
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the cj8015 weighs 4.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Ardwolf CJ8015 is an attractive, programmable PIN code door lock, which doesn't make it unique in the current electronic marketplace, but it does have some features that help it stand out. For instance, in addition to programming up to 200 individual codes for family members or residents of a group facility, you can also program one-shot codes. If someone, say a worker or delivery person, needs to get into your house or building only a single time, they can open the door, do whatever they need to do, and when they close the door on the way out they won't be able to get back in. And you can pair a contactless smart card with the lock, so you don't even need to punch in your PIN to enter. Just tap it with your card.

The numbers on the keys light up with a pleasant blue glow, so you won't need to pull out a flashlight in the dark or squint at the numbers to make them out. The handle is large, easy to grasp, and can be reversed if you're left-handed or just prefer it on the opposite side; as a bonus, it conceals a keyhole, so if all else fails and you forget the code (or the batteries fail) you can use a key to get inside, assuming you even bother to take the key with you. The lock engages five seconds after the door clicks shut, though you can override this mechanism if you're afraid of accidentally locking yourself out. If an uninvited guest tries to guess the number, they'll be locked out for a minute after three unsuccessful attempts. This could get annoying if you're in a hurry and have a tendency to type in wrong numbers when you're feeling rushed, but at least you'll only have to stand in the rain for 60 seconds while you wait for the lock to give you another chance.

The major complaint about the Ardwolf CJ8015 being that it can't be integrated with a Z-Wave home-control system, you may want to consider alternatives like the Yale Assure if Z-wave compatibility is on your wish list. For similar systems with slightly different features, look at the Adel Keyless Biometric or the Yale Real Living YRL220.

Ardwolf CJ8015 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Well, I'm absolutely impressed with the quality of the product. Very sturdy and heavy, without any issues! Probably the best keyless unit I've ever used/bought.

Tom's Guide

Worked great for 5 weeks and used no more than four times a day but now it has stopped working completely! Very frustrating.

Tom's Guide