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Turbo T4-RC Specifications

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the turbo t4-rc weighs 20 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

Aquabot is a major and respected name in the world of robotic pool cleaners, so when they call their Turbo T4-RC "the most powerful and reliable swimming pool cleaner ever produced," you feel like you should pay attention, even if it sounds suspiciously like advertising hype. With a 75-foot-long cable, it purportedly cleans pools of up to 50 feet in length -- perhaps more, if the power supply isn't too far from the water's edge.

The filter catches particles down to two microns in diameter (the standard filtering size for pool cleaners) and stores them in its internal filtration bag. (Aquabot's comparison chart notes that this is 1/15th the size of a grain of pollen and as small as a bacterium, but that might depend on the bacterium.) It uses a quad-brush system to grind grime off the pool's walls and floors, then throws in power jets to reach spots where the bot cannot.

Although the T4-RC is programmable and can clean your pool automatically, it comes with a six-button remote control that lets you steer it to problem spots that need tender loving power blasting. You can set it to run anywhere from one to seven hours, depending on how deep a cleaning your pool needs, though Aquabot claims that the unit can do a single pass on a large pool in that first hour alone. Like other poolbot manufacturers, Aquabot notes that the T4-RC helps you save 30 percent on pool chemicals by doing a better job of stirring up the chemicals you've already thrown in.

Of course, as prolific as Aquabot is, theirs aren't the only (robotic) fish in the (chlorinated) sea. Look at the Maytronics Dolphin Triton, the Polaris 9350 and the scowling but determined eyes of the Kokido Turbo-Klean for alternatives.

Aquabot Turbo T4-RC | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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It truly travels up the sides of the pool and cleans every inch, including the water line. The problem is that this vacuum is constantly breaking down.

Tom's Guide

Performance is high quality, satisfaction is remarkable, I do nothing more physical than placing this unit into my pool. You'll love it!

Tom's Guide

I'm not liking it very well, one of the motors don't work. It just goes around in circles.

Tom's Guide

The pool water is always perfect...cleans the pool nicely...seems to have a less powerful motor...since the water turbulence in the shallow ends is noticeably reduced.

Tom's Guide

Offers some useful features including power washing jets and a responsive remote with speed control. Its cleaning performance is top notch.

Tom's Guide