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Turbo T Specifications

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the turbo t weighs 19 pounds


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Editorial Review

Aquabot doesn’t say what the T in Turbo T stands for, but tank is a safe bet. The entire width of the device is treads, from its locomotion to its cleaning ability. It rolls along on a pair of tank tracks. Between them is a single, continuous comb. It uses its rows of teeth to scrape up debris from the pool floor.

The Turbo T has received positive marks from users for its power and speed. Its average cleaning time for a 40 foot pool is under three hours.

The tank treads provide a function beyond dirt intimidation. They allow the device to hug the walls of the pool up to the water line. This ensures that the Turbo T cleans as much of the pool as possible without leaving any bathtub rings.

A standout feature of the Turbo T is its ability to climb pool steps. Because of this, it's not necessary for the owner to supplement the machine's work with manual cleaning on the steps. The Turbo T will complete its laps around the floor and walls of the pool, but it also takes the time to ascend each step and scrub it.

In exchange for these qualities, the Turbo T comes with a steep price tag. Aquabot brand loyalists with a lower budget may consider the Supreme. Owners of pools with grates and drains must also take precaution when choosing the Turbo T. Its toothy comb can get stuck in the cracks. The Polaris 9550 might be a safer bet for such pools.

Aquabot began in New Jersey in 1982. That year, it released the first-ever robotic pool cleaner. Since its beginning, the company has only produced machines for scrubbing swimming pools. In attending to this niche market, Aquabot has developed a reliable, if expensive, device.

Aquabot Turbo T | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Cleans the pool floor and walls in less than 3 hours. Best part is it doesn't run through our filter so no clogging when first opening pool in the spring.

Tom's Guide

Highly recommend this. It climbs the walls and steps. When you put it in the water it's almost like it can't wait to get to work. The thing is a beast.

Tom's Guide

Needed a help with cleaning our pool. Not sure what would work on our fiberglass pool. This works like a champ! Does a fantastic job. Easy to use, no issues.

Tom's Guide

Does a great job on my pool, it's so quiet and efficient. My only complain is that it gets stuck on the covers to my main drains.

Tom's Guide