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The earliest known swimming pool most likely existed in the Indus Valley Civilization city of Mohenjo-Daro, about 3000 BCE. It was 39 feet long by 23 feet wide, lined with bricks and sealed with bitumen. No evidence of pool cleaning implements have been discovered so far, so in all likelihood they had someone come in. The present day pool owner is becoming increasingly less inclined to have someone come in or to do it themselves. Thus the modern day pool is more and more being cleaned by poolbot. As a result, the poolbot marketplace is immersed in options.

The Water-Tech Pool Blaster Speed Jet is an autonomous cleaner driven by water-jet that operates in above ground pools, while the Hayward Tigershark QC is computer controlled and mechanically driven for below ground pools. Even poolbots, it seems, have niche markets.

Aqua Products is the world leader in poolbots and robotic cleaners are the fastest growing market for the pool maintenance industry. Their Aquabot Supreme, for in-ground pools, has tough rubber scrubber brushes for dislodging pesky sediment and for climbing the walls to deal with elusive waterline grime. The manufacturer indicates that the Aquabot Supreme can effectively clean up to 6800 square feet per hour in pools up to 50 foot long. Working without booster-pumps, its optimal performance is achieved in pools that have a curved transition between the bottom and the vertical walls. The Supreme can do its magic in rectangular, kidney, L-shaped, round or oval pools with vinyl, Gunite, concrete, tile or fiberglass surfaces. It has a bottom loading bag filter for capturing sediment down to 2 microns and is easy to clean. It's certainly easier than cleaning the pool.

Aquabot Supreme | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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We love Aquabot products! We purchased our second Aquabot Supreme pool cleaner about a month ago and are loving it... I highly recommend Aquabot pool cleaners!

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