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Pura 5X Specifications

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the pura 5x weighs 14.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Aquabot Pura 5X is becoming a bit hard to find online, which means that it might be a good time to find a rock-bottom price on this bottom-feeding bot. As with all other Aquabot Pura models, the manufacturer advertises the Pura 5X less as a way of scrubbing the sides and bottoms of the pool (though it will do those things) than as a way of stirring up the water to spread chemicals to the middle. According to Aquabot, most pool-cleaning robots will only spread chemicals around the bottom and top, leaving a large unstirred area in the middle that you'll have to add additional chemicals in a perhaps vain attempt to reach. That Aquabot uses this as their major advertising boast suggests that perhaps they don't excel at cleaning any part of the pool except the water, but that's purely speculation.

The Pura 5X will indeed clean the bottom and walls of your pool, though, and retailers claim that it will handle tricky areas like coves. The bot is sleek and fairly low slung. It can handle the transition between the floor and the wall without become confused, which is a minimal requirement in any pool cleaner except surface skimmers like the solar-powered Solar Pool Technologies Solar Breeze, which at least has the advantage of using no power source except that big light in the sky. User reviews on the Pura 5X performance are good but not thrilled, with some online critics claiming that if they had to do it over again, they'd go with a different bot.

If you're in the market for a different bot, the marketplace is overflowing with them like a cornucopia of pool-crawling droids. Most are interchangeable and could probably be mistaken for one another on a dark day (or at the bottom of a pool). Some possible selections include the Hayward TigerShark (a name to strike fear in anybody sharing a pool with it), the Kokido E-Jet and the Maytronics Dolphin DX3 (a name that sounds much cuddlier than Tiger Shark).

Aquabot Pura 5X | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Aquabot Pura 5X has been a pleasure to use... It saves time... Finds it easy to put in the pool and take out after the terrific job it's done cleaning the pool.

Tom's Guide

Its ok for the money. But if you make the purchase, be prepared to swim with it. It vacs like it should and picks most things up... So may be looking to replace it soon.

Tom's Guide