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Steam 800 Specifications

10.1" x 7.1" x 20.9"
released date


the steam 800 weighs 26.9 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

In many ways, modern technology began with steam. Nineteenth-century locomotives used steam engines to revolutionize long-distance transportation. In the early 20th century, steam-driven automobiles competed with technologies like battery power and the internal combustion engine as the primary means by which relatively short distance transportation could be brought to the masses. The internal combustion engine won out in that particular battle, but in the long run that may be seen as an unfortunate accident of history. Either steam or battery power would have been better for the environment.

Steam is also a good way to keep the environment inside your house or apartment from getting so dry that your skin starts to crack. (Other benefits of keeping steam in the air include eliminating static electricity, reducing airborne allergens and protecting wooden furniture.) Unlike low-end models such as the Holmes HCM3888C or the Guardian Technologies PureGuardian H7550, the Aprilaire Steam 800 is a heavy-duty piece of household humidifying technology. It hooks up to your cold water and pumps enough steam into your ducts to humidify a space as large as 6,200 sq. ft. The operation is automatic, though you can switch it to manual mode if you want to decide when it turns on and off.

If you just want to humidify a single room or a small apartment, the Aprilaire may be more than you need (and the price higher than you want to pay), in which case check out the models mentioned above. For another humidifier in the same price range as the Aprilaire, look at the Dyson AM10.

And if anybody tells you that the steam age is over, let them know that even in an age of digital technology, steam is still very much alive.

Aprilaire Steam 800 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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These humidifiers really work well! More difficult to install than I anticipated but worth it! If possible use the 220V/ 240V option on the unit. It works much faster.

Tom's Guide

A great product with a good design and easy-to-follow installation instruction.

Tom's Guide

This humidifier arrived as promised. It comes with the outdoor sensor which is great so you can set it on auto. It will works better with 240V.

Tom's Guide

I would say this humidifier is the best in its class. The humidifier works well and keeps my home dry-free now. Good part is it has both auto and manual modes.

Tom's Guide