Apollo AVX Extended Range

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AVX Extended Range Specifications

31.7" x 15.4" x 15.4"
the avx extended range weighs 51.8 pounds


Editorial Review

In weighing the many variables in the decision to acquire a DPV, its portability out of the water is worth considering. Unlike pool sweepers, most don’t come with little rolling caddies to make their movement convenient, and the DPV’s greatest virtue lies well beyond the swimming pool. Some of the recreational types are so light they can be schlepped down to the beach and launched right off the shore. Some of the pro scooters would make that an exhausting trek, especially on the way back. The light-duty units are better suited for free-diving and fairly shallow dives, but some of the hefty DPVs will drag you under in bulk and price.

Along the lines of the popular pro-diver DPV, the light-duty Bonex Subgravity Aquaprop will pull a laden diver for 120 minutes at up to 50 meters a minute and weighs only 15 lbs. The Seabob F5 S is fairly hefty at 77.2 lbs. but operates above the water where it will move at 12 mph and below where it is depth rated to 100 feet. The 40-lb. Tusa SAV-7 propels a diver in an uncommon manner by placing them effectively in the saddle and pushing them, leaving their hands free for other diving activities.

The Apollo AVX Extended Range is promoted for military, commercial or recreational use and is a versatile DPV. It has a heavy-duty, water pressure-resistant, full aluminum body that tips the scales at 53.5 lbs. It is driven by a 500-watt brushless DC motor and features a variable-pitch propeller with 2 settings. It gets its charge from a lithium ion battery with over-current and low-voltage detection, which shut it off in the case where either condition poses a problem. It is depth rated to 500 feet and will haul for 1.5 hours at a top speed of 3.54 mph. Its unique design provides for 3 riding styles – being pulled with dual-hand grips, hands-free in the saddle, or single-handed. Additional handles allow multiple divers to be propelled. Riding in the saddle at cruising speed offers up to 10 hours of underwater excitement.

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The best unit I have! Fast, reliable, excellent and good quality.

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