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Glass Ultrasonic Specifications

6.7" x 6.7" x 6.3"
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Editorial Review

There's something magical, almost mystical, in the shape of a dome. St. Paul's Cathedral in London has a dome on top, as does the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. The geodesic dome, popularized by Buckminster Fuller, is one of the strongest, most durable forms known to architecture. And to this list of great domes we can now add the Apalus Glass Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Actually, the Glass Ultrasonic isn't the only domed aromatherapy device on the market. The Homedics Ellia Rise is a kind of extruded dome, albeit of a somewhat phallic nature. But if domes appeal to you, as they've appealed to great architects since at least Christopher Wren (designer of St. Paul's Cathedral), you can get your dome fix from this unit along with the wafting glory of a cooling mist infused with the distilled essence of exotic plants from around the world. This is, in other words, a dome that smells good.

You could even say it glows. LED lights inside the dome cast a moody violet, red, purple or orange ambient light over a darkened room, either in cycling colors or the color of your choice. The water tank holds 500 milliliters (17 ounces) of liquid, to which you can add six to ten drops of essential oil from that set of bottles you got as a birthday present from your niece, the one who lives in a small bungalow in the woods and only eats vegan food. You can set the diffuser, which uses ultrasound to produce the mist, to run for one, three or six hours, or just go on continuously until the tank runs dry, at which point it will shut off automatically. Since it runs on ultrasound, the unit produces no audible noise. And, as a bonus, it ionizes molecules in the air to scour disease-carrying pollutants from your house and your body. (Although the ad copy claims that the device provides "aqua therapy," it isn't actually a humidifier.)

For aromatherapy devices not shaped like domes (though still sometimes spheroidal), see the Trillia Mina 3, the Green Air Spa Vapor 2.0 and the Smiley Daisy Ultrasonic.

Apalus Glass Ultrasonic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The glass diffuser is really nice and heavy duty. The light colors are similar, but through the glass, the lights are so much more vivid.

Tom's Guide

I have about 6 diffusers, all purchased at the same time. All still working except this one. Do your self a favor, steer clear of this one! $30 gone! Garbage!

Tom's Guide

It's a smooth look that runs all night with a high mist output. I don't have to keep checking on it and adding more water. Easy to clean, easy to operate. I love it!

Tom's Guide