Anybots Qb

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Qb Specifications

19" x 16" x 74"
the qb weighs 32 pounds


maximum speed


video camera included
Arrow left
Arrow right
battery life


has wifi

Editorial Review

What exactly is a telepresence robot? Imagine that you are detained on the sofa, something big is about to happen on the screen and you just can't break away. Then comes the dreaded knock on the door, maybe a friendly neighbor calling or maybe something worse. Sure, you’d like to go to the door and hear about exciting new divinity options or how solar power can change your life. But for some reason you can’t bring yourself to that threshold. In this situation, you could send a telepresence robot to interact with the visitor, to roll around appearing interested or concerned, and then ultimately dismiss them or invite them in. You wouldn't even have to get up. It is indicated that these robots may have office, industrial or therapeutic applications as well.

A telepresence robot, such as the Anybot QB, must possess certain biological attributes to be of virtue. It must be able to capture visual data so that the person operating it can see what it faces. It must be able to gather sonic vibrations in its vicinity so that its operator can hear what occurs around it. It must be able to transmit sound so the operator can be heard through it. And it must be able to move about independently so the operator can hasten our next evolutionary leap remotely, with maximum shock value.

The Anybots QB is sort of an autonomous Segway, with a kind of head and face. It has lenses for eyes, and above them, on a little monitor, the human guiding the bot can be seen in real time, laughing maniacally one would hope. QB is a 2-wheeled, gyroscopically stabilized, I’d-love-to-be-there bot. It can operate in environments equipped with WiFi or 3G/4G and be driven through the Anybots website. Controlled through web browser, it shows up when you can’t.

Anybots Qb | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Anybots QB telepresence robot loaded and we were presented with a driving mode selector, status indicators for battery power and WiFi signal strength.

Tom's Guide

This system is beneficial for businesses, and for a person that travels a lot providing great savings in terms of travelling costs, it can attend the meeting.

Tom's Guide