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HoneyGuaridan S25 Specifications

11" x 11" x 17.3"
has scheduling
has wifi
has usb

Editorial Review

The rush to automate away the banalities of everyday life has helped to fuel a surge of products designed to ease pet care for harried owners of hairy friends. The HoneyGuaridan S25 is a slick looking machine that does just that, allotting food for your dogs and cats (though, notably, HG cautions against using for bulldogs) on both pre-set schedules and on-demand. Essentially, the S25 is a bigger version of HoneyGuaridan's more popular kibble-dispenser, the A25, with most of its features being identical to that well-loved machine.

For those unable to consistently be there for their fuzzy friend's meal time, the S25 can deliver kibbles on a schedule you determine when you set up the machine. You can determine how frequently the machine dispenses food (up to twelve times per day), how large the servings will be (anywhere from five to three-hundred fifty grams), and when those meals are served. With a tank size of eight liters, such a schedule can easily be run for the entire duration of most vacations this side of summering in Europe. If such regularity feels too cold and distant, the S25 offers a couple of remedies to personalize automatic meal time. Using the accompanying phone app, pet parents can both manually trigger meals and call attention to them with a pre-recorded audio message (up to twelve seconds in length). After use, the bowl and container are both easily removable—necessary, as both will need frequent cleaning.

The S25 is one variety of the most frequently seen sub-category in the wider genre of pet automation. Paired with something like the Petchatz PawCall, absentee pet parents can run their entire relationship remotely with seamless ease. The PawCall and its competitors are video-call devices designed for pet-human interfacing—not only can you call the little wall-mounted unit and try to beckon over to your friend from the confines of a tiny screen, your pet can also paw at the device and call you if he or she so chooses.

Anmer HoneyGuaridan S25 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The setup took a little work, getting it to connect and all, but I love the ability to schedule automatic meals... The app, additionally is incredibly user friendly.

Tom's Guide

Difficult to connect to WiFi... The manual is not up to date as far as what parts are/are not included... I️ think there is room for improvement for this product...

Tom's Guide