Ambrogio L85 Elite

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L85 Elite Specifications

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the l85 elite weighs 29.8 pounds


battery life


self charging
has bluetooth

Editorial Review

Anyone named Ambrogio is bound to be Italian. The same is now true of lawn mowers, thanks to the L85 Elite. Ignore for a moment its performance, its software, its battery life, and even its availability. In looks alone, the L85 Elite is the closest a vacuum cleaner will ever come to being a sports car.

It's a bright, glossy red. Its wheels are ostentatious, huge, and powerful. It bears on its back a shield emblem, the letter A against a field of canary yellow. The L85 Elite is auditioning to become a Ferrari.

But the question is whether it measures up under the hood. Early returns indicate that the L85 Elite is indeed worthy of its flashy appearance. User feedback has been glowing. Some owners have even named theirs, like a pet or family member. There have been difficulties in laying the perimeter wire, but once it's established the L85 Elite will obey its boundaries.

The L85 Elite has better gas mileage than its heroes, in no small part because it's electric. It can mow for three hours at a time and returns to its charging station when the battery runs low. Its massive wheels are more than a visual statement. They're spiked with thick, heavy teeth like giant, spinning golf cleats. These spikes increase the machine's maneuverability and help it achieve a tighter turning radius.

Robotic lawn mowers are proving to be an international commodity. The Robonicklaus 2.0 comes from Milagrow in India. Swedish tool giant Husqvarna makes the Automower 220AC. Dvorak builds its monster, the Spider ILD 02, in the Czech Republic.

Ambrogio Robot began in 1985 in Arezzo, Italy. Fabrizio Bernini founded the company, then known as Software House, later renaming it Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Spa and entering the home robotics market. Since 2000, it's been one of the leading robotics manufacturers in Italy. The name Ambrogio comes from the Latin Ambrosius, which means immortal. Three hours is not an eternity, but it's long enough to watch an eager little sports car mow the lawn.

Ambrogio L85 Elite | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Instead of 3 or 4 sharp razors attached to one rotating disk like most, the L85 uses just one big blade with four sharp edges.

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