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L60 B Specifications

the l60 b weighs 18.1 pounds


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Editorial Review

To date, the market for robotic lawn mowers has been largely dominated by machines operating with a manually-installed perimeter wire. This is true for the vast majority of these types of products, in fact, from the conventional Robomow RC306 to the sports car-lookalike Husqvarna 450x.

The Ambrogio L60 B is, like the now-discontinued Spyder mower, one of the few options to take on the challenge of removing the perimeter wire from the equation. The L60 B is designed specifically for smaller lawns, and works by using humidity sensors to tell the difference between grass and less mow-able surfaces. Unlike most perimeter wire mowers, the L60 B will need to be manually docked on its charging station, and will run out of charge after two hours of mowing. One charge mows one sixteenth of an acre, or just over half a square mile. Objects in the middle of the yard also have to be manually addressed; the team behind the L60 suggests setting up a circle of river rocks around your tree or fountain, for example. The L60 B can push itself up slopes of up to 40 degrees, uses "smart algorithms" to work out efficient cutting patterns, and has an easily accessed emergency stop button if your yard is done before the two hours is up.

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The problem of mowing and harvesting manually was fixed definitely. The mower never runs out! Highly recommended!

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