Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP Observer

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WS-1400-IP Observer Specifications

2.5" x 1" x 3.5"
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the ws-1400-ip observer weighs 4 pounds


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Editorial Review

Ambient Weather is an Arizona-based company that specializes in weather prediction equipment, much of it for the consumer market. As with most mid-to-high-end weather stations, their WS-1400-IP combines an outdoor sensor array with an indoor unit via your router. It not only measures wind, temperature and air pressure but solar radiation, rainfall and humidity. It's designed to work with the Weather Underground website to analyze your weather data, generate predictions and share your data with users across the world.

During the First World War, as armies clashed at violent battlefronts across Europe, a meteorologist named Vilhelm Bjerknes realized that masses of air at different temperatures and pressures moved through the atmosphere much as those armies moved across the battlefields and clashed at fronts that were almost as violent. When cold air masses from the poles collide with warm air masses from the tropics, storms happen, a complex process having to do with lifting of air and precipitation of moisture that's much too complicated to go into here.

This realization still defines our understanding of weather and weather prediction. It's also why the Ambient contains many of the instruments that it does. The temperature of air determines its density and therefore its weight, so we can detect the movement of cold and warm air masses -- and the positions at which they collide in a front -- by measuring the changes in the temperature and by weighing the air with a barometer and watching it become heavier (cold) or lighter (warm). And we can discover which direction that front and the storms associated with it are moving by measuring the speed and direction of the wind. That's why weather stations like the Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP Observer have barometers, wind gauges and thermometers. They help the user detect the presence of a front and, if it's heading toward them, prepare for the worst.

Similar weather stations are available from Oregon Scientific, Davis Instruments, AcuRite and others.

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Sits up nice and high on my roof, and dutifully reports weather to every 15 seconds...Highly recommended.

Tom's Guide

Overall, I'm happy with it. Easy to set up and broadcast to WU. But, the windspeed sensor is not compatible with snow...This is a serious design flaw.

Tom's Guide