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the jx weighs 8.6 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

There's something a little sinister about the words "robotic toilet seat." So don't think of the Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat as a toilet seat. Think of it as a bidet, one of those classy French devices for cleaning parts of your body that you might need to take care of before it's time for your next shower. It just happens to be a bidet that fits over your toilet, complete with a seat sensor, warm air dryer, adjustable nozzle position/water pressure -- and a remote control, so you don't have to get down and dirty with its moving parts while you're in the process of using them. There's nothing creepy about that at all.

There really isn't. User reviews on the Alpha JX are glowing, in that "We are so happy with our purchase" way that makes you feel a lot better about placing this mechanized seat within close range of some of your tenderest external organs. It's comfortable, easy to put together and doesn't require advanced programming skills to operate. Assuming you don't need the kind of water pressure that would levitate you somewhere near your bathroom ceiling, the Alpha JX provides a warm stream of water at pretty much the moment you need it for advanced cleanliness purposes, along with a heated seat to save you from sitting on icy cold porcelain during those frigid winter nights. There's even a light inside that adjusts itself to bathroom lighting conditions. If there's anything it can't do, it's probably not something that can be mentioned on a polite website.

Admittedly, the Alpha JX is a bit of a luxury if you don't have unusual sanitary problems and you might want to spring for something like the Philips Sonicare Plaque Control Toothbrush first to take care of the other end of your body, but if you've got that covered, the Alpha JX has the rest of you covered.

Alpha JX | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Quality looks top notch and the spray is strong...This one is a lot it goes with the toilet better...Can't really complain so far.

Tom's Guide

True to it's advertising, the JX has the features I want in a bidet seat without the fluff or added cost. Awesome design.

Tom's Guide

Easy to install...Love all the extra features and will never be without one again...Worth every penny...Love the warm seat...Nothing negative to say!

Tom's Guide

Well made, well designed, excellent materials, very attractive product. Well worth the money...Self installed in ten minutes...Worked like it should immediately.

Tom's Guide

There is also a dryer and night is very comfortable and sturdy, and there is almost no escape of water between the seat and the toilet rim.

Tom's Guide