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Z3 Specifications

29.6" x 14.6" x 38.3"
the z3 weighs 25.6 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life



Editorial Review

Like nearly all of Airwheel's products, the Z3’s design is both aesthetically and functionally superb. The sleek, high-mounted battery seems impervious to the elements; the handlebars come equipped with a handy cellphone mount; and the innovative Airwheel app displays the rover’s vital statistics via Bluetooth connection. Topping out at just over 12 miles per hour, the Z3 isn’t the fastest option on the market, but it’s speedy enough to zip through crowded cityscapes without bowling over too many fellow pedestrians, and the foldable frame is ideal for last-mile transport. Although battery life should be sufficient for average users, daily commuters may want to have a backup or two to avoid getting stranded with a dead one. Many riders claim to be e-scooter evangelists within a month of use, and the reduction of environmental impact could be a source of pride.

While Steve Jobs’ prediction that the Segway would radically alter the future of urban landscapes has proven premature, he wasn’t necessarily wrong. The e-scooter is, at least, an interesting segue into the future of commuter travel. As far as less conventional forms of transport go, electric scooters are a fun and often practical option. The selection of e-scooters is wide and varied, from longtime preteen favorite Razor's electric offerings to seated urban transports like the Uberscoot Citi.

Throwing their lot into this promising but uneven landscape is multinational operation Airwheel, which — in addition to the attractiveness and reliability of its products — is notable for the unintentional hilarity of its copywriting. With such gems as "Airwheel is more of a pilgrim of the nature deep inside" on their website, it’s hard to tell whether Beijing-based marketing in English is an embarrassing mistake or a stroke of genius.

As with every developing technology, only time will reveal the full potential of personal electric transport. Mr. Jobs may prove as prophetic as he likely fancied himself — he did always seem to have a handle on how people would take to new technology. Perhaps we're one micromanaging, tyrannical genius away from a brand new tomorrow.

Airwheel Z3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This would be fantastic if it was everything it claimed and if the materials used to make it were just a bit higher quality... At this price point, I think its over priced...

Tom's Guide

The power converter is missing. Otherwise, it looks great!

Tom's Guide

There is an exclusive app for connecting the scooter with users cellphone... By this way, users will be informed of any information about his scooter...

Tom's Guide