Air Innovations MH-602

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MH-602 Specifications

10.6" x 7.6" x 14.5"
the mh-602 weighs 3.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

Humidity is a tricky thing -- too much makes you feel soggy and overburdened, too little leaves you dry and itchy. The same applies to indoor humidity whereby mold and mildew run rampant when it's too wet while skin and respiratory ailments are exacerbated when it's too dry. Not much can be done to control outdoor humidity, beyond going inside. But indoor humidity can be controlled, making lives easier for both human and animal inhabitants. The first American patents for humidifiers go back to the 1890s, so this issue has been around for awhile. Since then, these products have established themselves as life savers for many happy users, a reflection of how much they are really needed.

The highly rated PureGuardian H7550 has a 90-hour run time, is recommended for medium sized rooms, and dispenses cool or warm mist. It has a smart sensor that adjusts the humidity to preset levels. The Apalus HF001BK has a 24-hour run time, ideal for tiny rooms, and comes with rotating nozzles, a remote control, and automatic shut-off. The Air Innovations MH-602 Ultrasomic Smart Humidifier is manufactured by For Life Products. It is similar to their Air Innovations MH-801B, a dual-tank humidifier that has a 120-hour run time and is fitting for small or average sized rooms.

The MH-602 has an 80-hour run time, appropriate for larger rooms in either home or office. Otherwise, it has many of the same features of MH-801b -- a permanent ceramic filter to eliminate hard water deposits, antimicrobial protection to inhibit microbial growth, a dual-directional nozzle, a digital LED, a built-in Humidistat that monitors humidity settings, a programmable timer with which you can set the unit to turn on or off in 1-24-hour increments, and handles on the top and bottom of the tank for easy filling. The MH-602 also has 4 levels of adjustable mist output from Low to Supreme whereas the MH-801b has 5. On the MH-602, the automatic shut-off comes on when its 1.6-gallon tank runs low. Users of this humidifier highly recommend filtered or distilled water to prevent mineral build-up, or weekly cleaning with vinegar if only tap water is available.

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This thing can run on all day and night. That is one feature I simply love...My skin is so much better after a week of use.

Tom's Guide

It was very easy to setup and fill...The unit is very quiet, making only an occasional faint gurgling sound...Overall I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

Tom's Guide

Great item. Very quiet with multiple features. Cool mist, great output with long lasting water tank. Permanent filter so there is no need to purchase additional filters.

Tom's Guide