Air Innovations MH-512

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MH-512 Specifications

10.3" x 6" x 15.8"
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Editorial Review

Individual climatic tastes vary widely between people. A person raised in the tropics would have difficulty in adjusting to someplace like Arizona and vice versa. Both extremes have their pros and cons, with temperate climes being somewhere between them. This partially explains why in the mid-1800s and early 1900s in America, it was thought that certain regions could cure a host of respiratory conditions including tuberculosis. Fortunately, controlling indoor climate is a bit easier. There exist humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and ionizers, air conditioners, and fans. Humidifiers help maintain the ideal indoor relative humidity level of 40% to 50% during non-winter months, but of course, these levels are subjective.

Some humidifiers, such as the Guardian Technologies H7560B PureGuardian Elite, are programmable and able to dispense cool or warm mist. This one is smart enough to monitor and automatically adjust a room's humidity. Others, such as the Apalus HF001BK, is best for small rooms. The Apalus has a 1-gallon tank that will run for 24 hours. The Air Innovations MH-512 is another ultrasonic humidifier from For Life Products, a specialist in moisture-purveyance for home and office.

The MH-512 has much in common with the Air Innovations MH-801B, with the main difference being the 801B's dual tank and 120-hour run time. The 512 has an 80-hour run time, but otherwise, it possesses the same features -- a permanent ceramic filter for the elimination of hard water deposits, antimicrobial protection, a built-in Humidistat, a digital LED display, and a programmable timer which lets you set the unit to turn on or off in 1- to 24-hour increments. There are 4 levels of adjustable mist output from Low to Supreme, a rotating mist nozzle, auto shut-off, tank handles, and a beep/LED dim function. The MH-512 has a 1.37-gallon tank and is suitable for large rooms. It also comes in a variety of snazzy color schemes.

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It is amazing, quiet, easy to clean, only have to fill every 2-3 days on high. Small enough to sit on a night stand and large enough for a 20x18 room. We love it!

Tom's Guide

Super quiet, user friendly unit. This is very good for your lungs and sinuses and it will keep the unit free of must, mold and mildew.

Tom's Guide

I bought this humidifier and have been using it everyday. This is the best humidifier I have ever bought. It is so quiet and you can adjust the humidity...

Tom's Guide