Air Innovations MH-408

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MH-408 Specifications

8" x 8" x 14"
the mh-408 weighs 2.9 pounds


has hepa filter
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Editorial Review

There are several difficulties inherent in air that is too dry. Excessive aridity can dry out the skin and sinuses while irritating the throat and making the eyes itchy and red. Of perhaps the greatest significance is the fact that it can cause the linings of the respiratory tract to become safe havens for infections. To increase the humidity indoors, there are humidifiers. Care must be exercised to avoid making the air too humid because overly moist conditions come with their own set of problems. It is a balancing act with your health on the line.

For Life Products manufactures Air Innovations, a line of humidifiers, air purifiers and fans. Except for water capacity, run time, recommended room size, and appearance, their humidifiers share the same features. The Air Innovations MH-602 has an 80-hour run time, a 1.6-gallon tank fit for larger rooms, and 4 levels of mist output. The Air Innovations MH-701B and the Air Innovations MH-801B both have dual tanks and a snail-like appearance with their 15-inch removable extension nozzles. The 701B is fit for extra-large rooms, has a 1.7-gallon water capacity, 5 levels of adjustable mist, and a 96-hour run time. The 801B is best used in small or average sized rooms, has a 2.15-gallon capacity, 5 levels of mist, and a 120-hour run time.

The Air Innovations MH-408 looks more streamlined than some of its relatives. It is most effective in medium sized rooms with its 1.1-gallon tank and 70-hour run time. Instead of adjustable mist levels, the 408 has a simple turn dial to control the output. As with the others, it contains a permanent ceramic filter to help prevent the formation of hard water deposits, antimicrobial protection, a rotating mist nozzle, and automatic shut-off. It is highly recommended to clean the unit once every week or three, depending on usage and water type, with a little vinegar. Also, it's best to use distilled water whenever possible.

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This has noticeably increased the moisture in my home and I highly recommend this device. I will be purchasing another soon... Well worth the money and a great investment.

Tom's Guide

Had to get rid of it after 6 months. Making loud noises!

Tom's Guide