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Keebot Specifications

16" x 10.5" x 35"
the keebot weighs 28 pounds


phone controllable
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Editorial Review

Remote presence devices -- also known as RPDs or telepresence robots -- take many forms but they all serve one purpose. In fact, without humans to control them, they'd have no purpose at all beyond rolling around and bumping listlessly into things, maybe emitting a squeak or two. Or in the case of desktop RPDs, exhibiting their blank screens for any and all to see. Some roaming RPDs incorporate sophisticated AI, like the elegant Rbot Synergy Swan and adorable Thecorpora Qbo Pro Evo Robot. Others are merely toys, such as the Wowwee Robome, that can get kids acclimated to such devices via human-like features and inoffensive appearances.

But most consumer applications of RPDs are for now limited to the realm of monitoring employees at the workplace and kids and pets at home. The Keebot Personal Telepresence Robot from Adventure Labs is no exception nor is it exceptional in any regard. Well, except for the dearth of information on it. At first glance, it could be the little brother of the RBot Synergy Swan. It has a slender neck on top of which sits the user's iPad. Its height appears to be at approximately waist-level. A single caster wheel in front and 2 larger wheels in the back propel the Keebot, which also has collision avoidance. The brain of this bot is the iPad, through which you can watch your home and business as well as video chat with your employees, pets, and family from any remote location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Keebot weighs around 28 lbs., and unfortunately, this is about the extent of the technical information available. Without videos, reviews or a website, it's difficult to discern much else about this item. What is known is the price, and its availability on Amazon, but there is really little to recommend it, especially with so many other options available that provide relevant tech specs and ratings.

Adventure Labs Keebot | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Using your iPad the brain of the Telepresence Robot you can see what is going on at a remote location and speak to people as well.

Tom's Guide

Using your iPad, the brain of the Telepresence Robot, you can see what is going on at a remote location and speak to people as well.

Tom's Guide

Reassure your pets when you are not at home. Video Chat with your family. You can have 24/7 access to any remote location.

Tom's Guide

Telepresence Robot or remote monitoring of your home or business. Watch your home visit your pets and family from remote locations.

Tom's Guide