Adel Keyless Biometric

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Keyless Biometric Specifications

8.3" x 9.2" x 12"
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the keyless biometric weighs 7.2 pounds


Editorial Review

In the Age of the Smart Home, unlocking doors with keys seems practically prehistoric. Even unlocking doors with PIN-code combinations is starting to seem downright old-school. If you have a recent model iPhone or iPad, you know that you can simply unlock them with your fingerprint, so why shouldn't you be able to do the same thing with your door? The Adel Keyless Biometric lock lets you do precisely that. In fact, you can program your front door to unlock with up to 120 different fingerprints, though some of those are only temporary, so you can assign a fingerprint code to a guest or a handyman and not worry that they'll come back later to steal your silverware.

Of those 120 fingerprints, 10 are "master fingerprints," which give the owners of those fingers administrative rights to program the device for additional users. Another 90 are "member fingerprints," so that every member of your family (including distant relatives) can have their own code but not the ability to reprogram the device. That way, your kids won't be able to trick you by deleting your fingerprint and throwing a party while you're locked out. The remaining 20 are temps. You can also set an 11-digit PIN code, so in case of emergencies (like losing your finger in a tragic automobile accident) you can still open the door. Finally, the lock has an actual key, though you have to remove the handle with an Allen wrench to reach the keyhole. If the battery on the lock goes dead, you can place a 9-volt battery under the handle for temporary power.

According to the manufacturer, the lock can't be tricked with a photocopy of your fingerprint, though there's no word as to whether someone can cut off your finger and use that to open the lock, the way spies sometimes do in TV shows. The lock includes a reversible door handle, so you can place it on either side of the door. If pressing your finger against the lock is too much work, the Kwikset Kevo will open simply because you have your smartphone in your pocket. Or if you'd prefer a high-tech variation on a PIN-code lock, look at the Yale Real Living YRL220.

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