Addmotor Motan M-550

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Motan M-550 Specifications

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the motan m-550 weighs 56 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Editorial Review

The Addmotor line of e-bikes are proving to be powerful competition for old-fashioned automobiles. Like a Chevy Bolt or a Tesla, they run on clean electricity and they go for remarkable distances, up to 55 miles, before they need recharging. The Addmotor Motan M-550 can reach speeds up to 23 miles per hour, which won't get you to work as fast as an automobile would, but it also uses a lot less electricity than even an electric car and gives you time to enjoy the scenery as you glide smoothly past. They'll do off-roading, if the scenery is the main thing you're looking for, and they'll handle the terrain in all kinds of weather, including snow. These are bikes that can handle the seasonal changes better than you can, so be sure to bundle up in a warm, waterproof coat before you take that ride in the snow.

The M-550 has LED headlights (though you might not want to do too much riding after dark, especially around traffic) and can charge up for the journey in three to four hours. The M-550 can handle up to 350 pounds in weight, so unless you're unusually large yourself, you can carry a lot of gear and groceries with you, assuming you brought your backpack. Addmotor claims the M-550 is appropriate for riders from 5'6 to 6'8 inches tall, so this isn't a bike for the junior members of the family. The gears can run at seven different speeds and the bike has 26" x 4" tires, for some serious off-roading. You might not want to replace your car with this, but you may find yourself riding it more often than your four-wheeled vehicle.

This isn't a cheap vehicle and you might be able to find a decent used car for the price that one of these will cost you new. Also look at Addmotor's slightly lower-end Motan M-150. And to see what the competition has to offer, check out the Razor Power Rider 360, the ProdecoTech Rebel X and the Faraday Cortland.

Addmotor Motan M-550 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

Motan M-550 Reviews From Around The Web


Motor has more power than I thought it would, it does a very good job on hills...quality of the bike is very good I was very impressed with the gear system.

Tom's Guide

It's fast it'll go up any hill but by the time I ride it about 12 miles and my back is beginning to hurt because the frame is completely rigid.

Tom's Guide

My longest ride on this bike is been 42 miles I still had charge left in the battery, the big fat tires give you a smooth ride.

Tom's Guide