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Editorial Review

The low price end of the market for electric bicycles has a number of interesting options that are worth a look - and the Addmotor Hithot H2 is certainly one of them. One of Addmotor's pricier options in a lineup consisting entirely of value-priced gems, the Hithot H2 combines a relatively innovative aesthetic with solid specs to deliver a compelling option for those seeking greener motorized transport.

A sleek looking ebike with beefy, rugged tires, the H2 comes advertised as "both fit (for) mountain and daily commute through the city." The chassis, a frame that gives the H2 a slight resemblance to a really thin motorcycle, cleverly hides the removable battery package - an eyesore for some less aesthetically inventive ebike designs. The features expected in a modern ebike are all present and accounted for - an LCD touch screen displays key ebike vitals, a 48 Volt Samsung battery powers the twist throttle assist, a TEKTRO disc brake set keeps you from careening off the desired course. All told, the value per price is quite a remarkable for the London based Addmotor, and makes them worthy of serious consideration as an international ebike brand.

The H2 and its various counterparts and competitors are hurtling us towards a greener future. Professional adoption of the machines is beginning to take hold in the US, with shipping giant UPS introducing ebike delivery in Portland, Oregon - a delightfully "Portland" innovation if ever there was one. Such adoptions serve as tacit endorsements of ebikes as an emergent and relevant part of our collective technological future, as we continue to find and create cheaper, cleaner ways to get from A to B.

Addmotor Hithot H2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The components on this bike are from good quality and the frame is amazing in design, functionality and rigidity. Fantastic, attractive and high performing electric bike!

Tom's Guide

Amazing bike, just the perfect size and torque. The motor is fantastic. Great design! It's a little bit heavy but the motor and torque compensates this.

Tom's Guide