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Hithot H1 Specifications

the hithot h1 weighs 54 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Editorial Review

The Addmotor HitHot ebike comes in at an eye-grabbing low price (relative to the rest of the industry anyhow), breaching the ebike promised land of a sub-$2000 (and, from some retailers, sub-$1500) price barrier with no discernible loss in specifications. Indeed, the scant customer reviews available across the internet seem to support the generally high value of the Hithot H1 - despite it not being as widely covered as other, more "name-brand" ebikes like Pedego's offerings.

The Hithot H1 is very standard in terms of top assisted speed (20 miles per hour), with a 500 Watt motor powered by a 48 Volt battery also echoing industry standards. The aesthetic of the Hithot is less sleek than, say, the Jaguar Js1, or other ebikes which have integrated their motorized assistance systems within the chassis of the bike itself. The H1, as their manufacturers name "Addmotor" suggests, more or less simply adds a motor onto a more traditional, albeit quite nice, adult bicycle. This author furthers the hypothesis that simple assembly in factory may be what the consumer has to thank for the greatly diminished price point on the H1 - but who knows for sure.

Whether for a new zippy e-toy for the family or for a practical substitute for a car for the morning commute, the Hithot H1's breathtakingly low price, solid specs, and fun and customizable look make it a bargain relative to what the rest of the industry has going on. While American infrastructure is still, on many roads in particular, not well-catered to e-bike transit, the prevalence and utility of these machines will likely be factored into the designs of urban planners for decades to come - so get ahead of the curve and get one yourself.

Addmotor Hithot H1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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