Addmotor Cybertron C-350

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Cybertron C-350 Specifications

the cybertron c-350 weighs 50 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Editorial Review

Electric bicycles aren't really for exercise, the way traditional bikes are. They're a genuine method of transportation, one that commuters can use for short hops to work or that you can use for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon ride through the park, looking at the foliage. The Addmotor Cybertron C-350, which comes in black, orange and white models, will take you for a 20 miles per hour spin around the neighborhood. And you don't have to restrict it to local travel. It folds up so you can stick it in the trunk of your car and take it wherever you want to go biking. It's especially convenient if you're getting older and out of shape, because it doesn't require you to provide locomotion by muscle power. Think of it as a tiny car you can take anywhere, as long as you only use the bike lanes while you're on the highway.

You can get up to six hours of cycling on a single battery charge, which should give you a 35 to 45 mile range -- not bad for a vehicle that's light enough to carry under your arm when folded. Addmotor claims it can accommodate users with heights ranging from 5' to 6'4", though at least one user claims that it gets a little awkward to use if you're more than six feet tall. The tires are puncture-proof, so you won't get stranded miles from your house or car, though in the event of a major disaster you can always carry it to the nearest bus stop, assuming your city allows bicycles on buses. Addmotor feels that this is the transportation of the future and, with the effect that fossil fuels are having on our atmosphere, they may have a point. The C-350 not only runs on electricity but it runs on a lot less electricity than an electric car, an important point when you consider that the electricity may be coming from coal-powered plants that are producing their own carbon-emitting pollution.

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Addmotor Cybertron C-350 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

Cybertron C-350 Reviews From Around The Web


It is comfortable and ready to ride. Took it to the road all day and still had lots of battery life left the next day. Amazing electric folding bike.

Tom's Guide

The charge of the battery is great... A few complaints though: not clear instructions... 20" was great for me as I am only 5'3". Would not recommend for those above 6'.

Tom's Guide

Great 20" wheel bike : powerful 350W motor and battery, strong integrated alloy wheels, front suspension helps a lot with front bumps.

Tom's Guide