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Pro 5-in-1 01535 Specifications

7.6" x 0.6" x 5.5"
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the pro 5-in-1 01535 weighs 4.1 pounds


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Editorial Review

There are certain things that are difficult for the human mind to comprehend, like the nature of consciousness, what happened before the Big Bang, and the differences between the various models of weather stations produced by AcuRite. It's gotten to where AcuRite has so many different models on the market that vary in so many slight ways that it looks to the eyes of all but the most fanatic weather station collectors like some of their packages are essentially identical. But there are always tiny differences. In the case of the AcuRite Pro 5-in-1 01535, the distinction seems to be in the HD color display, which is one of the most attractive produced by AcuRite to date.

Otherwise, it comes with AcuRite's usual Pro 5-in-1 sensor, which measures rainfall, outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed, and wind direction, and can be expanded with an extra-cost lightning detector. The HD display, which will look gorgeous sitting on the desktop in your den, can also measure indoor temperature and humidity, and will display all of this information on its screen along with a weather forecast icon, the date and time, and can track information from additional 5-in-1 displays if you want to add them to the system. You can set custom alarms to alert you to specific weather conditions, including rain, high wind and severe temperature/humidity.

The display also stores a full year's worth of weekly high and low conditions, so you can review your weather history while you're making your weather prediction. There are "trend arrows" on the display to tell you which direction the weather conditions are headed -- up or down -- and it will adjust the temperature for wind chill and humidity. And, should you need to know it, it will even tell you what the dew point is. At night the display can be set to go into "nighttime mode," so that it won't be blinding in a darkened room.

For some similar products from AcuRite's competitors, take a look at the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue, the Oregon Scientific WMR-300A Ultra-Precision Professional and the ultra-stylish Netatmo NWS01-US, which looks a bit like an Amazon Echo.

AcuRite Pro 5-in-1 01535 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Has worked flawlessly...It takes a bit of creativity to find a mounting spot 30' off the ground that will work with the included bracket.

Tom's Guide

So cool to see the count of lightning strikes during a storm. Love the Acurite line of products...Absolutely an excellent product!

Tom's Guide

It didn't work. The outside unit failed...indoor unit has no battery back up, so if you loose power, like in a storm when you could really use this the most, you get nothing.

Tom's Guide

The easiest weather station I have ever had to set up. It worked great right out of the box. Nice big simple display with all the information you need right there.

Tom's Guide