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02081M Specifications

7.8" x 1" x 6.2"
released date


the 02081m weighs 1.6 pounds


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072397  020817

Editorial Review

You may still need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows if you use the Acurite 02081M weather station. That's because it's a weather station lite, with a fairly attractive inside unit that connects to a small outside sensor, but the sensor doesn't seem to do anything more than measure the temperature. This is more the kind of weather station you expect to see from La Crosse Technology, like the gorgeous but underpowered La Crosse Technology 308-146. You'll get the indoor and outdoor temps, plus humidity, a 12-to-24 hour weather forecast, time and date, and a record of daily highs and lows on both the temperature and humidity. Though La Crosse is vague about this in their promotional literature, much of its information seems to be pulled from the Internet. Its strongest point is that over the first two weeks of use it calibrates your outdoor sensor against online forecasts to localize your readings as precisely as possible. It also adjusts its data for your altitude.

This is a pretty nice weather station for the price, but if you really want to know which way the wind blows, not to mention the barometric pressure and rainfall amount, you might want to look at one of Acurite's higher-end models, like the AcuRite 01057RM. For a slightly (if deceptively) cheaper model, look at the AcuRite 06016RM. The deception is that, to get readings on wind speed, wind direction and rainfall, you'll have to spring for the extra cost of Acurite's 5-in-1 Weather Sensor, which comes as part of the package with the 01057RM. Without the 5-in-1 sensor, it's only a little more powerful than the model being reviewed here. Or you could look at competitors, like the stylish Netatmo NWS01-US, which would look beautiful sitting next to, say, an Amazon Echo.

And apologies to Nobel laureate Bob Dylan for the misuse of his line about (not) needing a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. In the unlikely event that you're reading this, Bob -- thanks!

AcuRite 02081M | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It works very well, and is very easy to set up and use...LCD display panel is nice and big...I highly recommend this weather unit.

Tom's Guide

You have to look directly at it to see the numbers. Also needs to be plugged in for back light. All good though as the last one of these I had lasted over 9 years.

Tom's Guide