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02030RM Specifications

6" x 2.5" x 8"
the 02030rm weighs 1.5 pounds


battery life



Editorial Review

AcuRite loves weather stations. They love them so much that they turn them out almost as rapidly as a hen turns out eggs. It helps that their stations are fairly modular, so if they feel like coming out with yet another weather station, they can just put those parts together in a new configuration and slap a number on it. Fortunately, those parts are nicely made, and their modularity allows AcuRite to offer weather stations at a wide variety of price points, from under $50 (new) to more than $200. The AcuRite 02030RM falls somewhere in the middle, but closer to the low end of the range. It's not for serious weather predicting because it lacks the trademark 5-in-1 outdoor sensor, but it will allow you to keep an eye on basic weather conditions while you watch television or get ready for work in the morning. For a lot of potential buyers, that should be enough.

In place of the 5-in-1 sensor, the AcuRite 02030RM uses a simple thermometer-hygrometer, which can measure the temperature and humidity from a convenient perch in your yard. This sensor, in turn, transmits that information wirelessly to a weather display in your home. This package uses one of the smaller, less colorful versions of the indoor display, which is why the price point is fairly low. It displays a bicolor icon for the weather forecast, date and time, lunar phase, humidity, and indoor and outdoor temperatures. If that's enough for you, then this unit may be what you're looking for. But compare it to the AcuRite 02077RM, which you might prefer, because it costs slightly less and has a somewhat nicer display. Also compare it to a couple of very similar units from AcuRite competitor La Crosse Technology, the 327-1414W and the C87214.

If you want to move up the price scale and get more sophisticated technology for gardening or other weather-dependent pursuits, consider the impressive and attractive AcuRite 01024M, or look at higher-end competitors from Netatmo or La Crosse.

AcuRite 02030RM | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This product is very sleek- it has a thinner design for the screen and a better screen quality than my old Acu-rite unit.

Tom's Guide

Great range on the wireless outdoor sending unit. Auto-daylight saving times switch. Easy to read color display.

Tom's Guide

Excellent but the light is very bright for sleeping even in its dimmest mode. The forecasting and temperatures are very accurate.

Tom's Guide