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02008A1 Specifications

7" x 3" x 8"
the 02008a1  weighs 1.4 pounds


battery life


Upc n
799959  948227

Editorial Review

What can you say about an AcuRite weather station except that, well, it's like every other AcuRite weather station? Okay, perhaps that's unfair. Acurite uses several standard units, including their indoor displays and their outdoor sensors, that get re-used from one model to another in new combinations. The AcuRite 02008A1 uses a fairly nice version of their brightly colored indoor display, though it lacks the continuous weather streamer at the bottom that makes you feel just like you do when you fall asleep to the Weather Channel. And it uses the downscale version of their outdoor sensor, which only reads temperature and humidity. The display will give you that information plus the indoor temp, the time, the date and a forecast icon. If you feel like you've seen all this before, it's because AcuRite's mix-and-match approach has placed all of these pieces in some of their other weather station combos.

Of course, we're at the low end of the AcuRite line with this model, which means you can pick it up for an affordable price even new. There are much more spectacular AcuRite units on the market, which come with their 5-in-1 outdoor sensor that gives you the wind speed and direction along with the humidity, outdoor temperature and rainfall amounts. And there are absolutely dazzling versions of the indoor display, with multiple screens to give you more views of the weather than those people on the Weather Channel ever have. For the opposite end of the spectrum, look at the absolutely spectacular AcuRite 01024M, which comes with a dual solar panel version of the 5-in-1 outdoor sensor and an amazing five-screen version of the indoor display, which lets you switch between viewing outdoor conditions, indoor conditions, daily high and low records, a graph of hourly conditions, a year's worth of weather history, and a low-light "night mode" screen you can keep by the bedside for those middle of the night rain checks. Yes, it costs several time what this one does, but once you see it you may never look back.

Or check out the Netatmo NWS01-US. It looks as cool as a pristine snowfall and does the job it's built for, which is forecasting weather.

AcuRite 02008A1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

02008A1 Reviews From Around The Web


Information very easy to read and outdoor sensor was sensitive enough to give outside temperature readings right away.

Tom's Guide

System is accurate and the little weather sensor transmitter is easy to hang/mount and broadcasts the information with plenty of power to go through the house from outside.

Tom's Guide

Initially, looks great and was easy to set. However, every 2 to 10 days it goes blank and has to be reset by unplugging the unit and removing the batteries.

Tom's Guide