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02007 Specifications

7" x 3.5" x 8"
the 02007 weighs 1.4 pounds


battery life



Editorial Review

You want a home weather station? AcuRite has it. You want the perfect weather station for you? AcuRite probably has that too, because they have so darned many variations on the same weather station theme. Want a full-color indoor display? The AcuRite 02007 comes with that. Want a powerful 5-in-1 outdoor sensor that measures the temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall? The AcuRite 02007...doesn't have that. This package comes with a simple hygrometer/thermometer unit that you hang in your yard like a tiny bird feeder, confusing the birds but wirelessly conveying the outdoor temperature and humidity to that full-color indoor display. You can get the 5-in-1 sensor with other AcuRite models, but not this one. Of course, this is one of their least expensive models with a color screen, so if your weather forecasting needs are simple it will at least give you an attractive indoor display to look at.

That indoor display will give you both the indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature, the barometric pressure, and a graph of temperature and humidity trends along with daily highs and lows and a 12-hour weather history chart. And, in case you don't have a watch or calendar handy, it will give you the time and date. It also gives you three weather forecast icons, for morning, noon and night. It doesn't have the personalized weather information streamer found on the more expensive AcuRite models, but this unit is for casual weather watchers, not the serious fanatics. The display will dim automatically to match the indoor brightness, so it won't keep you awake all night if you put it by the side of your bed.

For a more expensive AcuRite model with more capabilities, look at the AcuRite 01075RM, which has a lot of their more advanced amenities, including the ability to upload data to the Weather Underground website. And for a look a competing offerings, check out the low-end La Crosse Technology 328-2314, the Ambient Weather WS-1200 and the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue.

AcuRite 02007 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

02007 Reviews From Around The Web


Great display, very accurate inside and outside readings, and the forecast is starting to take shape.

Tom's Guide

As soon as I plugged it in, it automatically set itself and began forecasting the weather. It's amazing to see the temperature variations in your home and outdoor.

Tom's Guide

Completely inaccurate temperature and forecast. This thing is clueless. Works ok at keeping time but that's it, on a daily basis the temperature is off by 7 to 10 degrees.

Tom's Guide